4 Suggestions to Keep Company Property from Being Damaged

If company property is damaged, it could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Furthermore, the company may also lose money because of lost productivity. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to keep items free from damage and get the most from your investment. Here is what you need to consider.

Allow Only Experienced Employees to Use It

To prevent a truck from being damaged in an accident, you should restrict access to the vehicle to those with specialized training. The same is true of those who want to use a fork lift or other heavy equipment. Employees who wish to use items such as food slicers or rock cutters should either be trained in how to use them properly or be supervised while doing so.

Keep Items Secure When Not in Use

It is not uncommon for employees to want to use company property for their own purposes or for other unauthorized reasons. By keeping items behind a locked counter or in a locked room, it will be harder to have access to them without your permission or the permission of a site manager. Establishing a chain of custody may be easier by using a sign-out sheet whenever something is removed from a storage facility.

Keep Equipment Properly Maintained

Objects like a forklift or a car will tend to last longer if they are regularly inspected and maintained. An inspection may find that the machine has rust or that it has a dented panel, and knowing about the problem early enough can make it easier to fix. Maintenance can be done either by an employee or by outsourcing the task to a third-party. In some cases, the manufacturer will perform routine maintenance if a product is still under warranty.

Take Measures to Prevent Leaks

Inspections may be crucial to keeping a storage facility, office or other pieces of real property in good working order. Inspecting the roof, gutters or related components may prevent leaks from occurring. A leak that is not remedied quickly can create conditions for mold, damage to electrical wires and drywall rot. In severe cases, water damaged buildings may need to be stripped down to the foundation.

Whether a company owns real property, heavy equipment or general supplies to get work done, the goal should be to maximize its useful life. This can be done by ensuring that employees know how to use a given tool and that it is properly maintained.

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