5 Tips to Help You Sell Your Boat Quickly

If you would like to purchase your dream boat, the only thing that is holding you back is selling the boat you currently own. Any boat owner’s first priority should be planning for a quick sale so that they don’t have to delay the buying process. Unfortunately, owners who are not proactive often let their listings sit stagnant with a false notion that a ‘For Sale’ sign is all it takes to gain interest. Here are 5 tips to help you sell your boat quickly:

It’s All in the Small Details

Appearance really matters to a prospective boat buyer. When they are inspecting the vessel, you want to leave the best possible impression so that they know that you were a responsible owner who maintained it. Investing in detailing could help turn a prospective buyer into one who wants to make an offer. Make sure the detailer focuses on compounding out rust, de-greasing the engine, cleaning out the bilge, and repaired obvious blemishes.

Get an Appraisal to Support Your Asking Price

It’s hard to really know what your boat is worth on the fair market unless you’re a certified appraiser. It’s worth the expense to hire an appraiser to tell you what your boat, complete with its features, is worth. Not only does an appraisal help you set a fair and competitive price, it is also something you can show interested parties to prove they are getting a good deal.

Choose the Right Marketing Platform

You do need to buy a ‘For Sale’ sign, but that advertising method is just the start. This just helps to ensure you’re reaching out to those passing by, but where you will really get interested is by marketing your boat on some sort of classifieds platform. You could publish an ad in the paper or in a magazine just for boats, but the most cost-efficient option would be to post an ad on a free site like Craigslist. Don’t forget to place ads at boat repair shops and hobby stores for more attention.

Prep before Viewings

Buyers could ask to come and see your boat any time of the day. It does require you to have some flexibility. Make sure you have all of the paperwork in the boat, including maintenance bills, ready. You should also start the engine at least an hour before the appointment. It also helps to use spray-on wax to give your boat a quick shine.

Work with a Broker If You Aren’t Flexible

If you yourself don’t have time to make listings, answer calls, reply to emails, and run home for a viewing, you may be best off hiring a broker. You will have to pay the broker’s commission, but you will have peace of mind in knowing that experts are advertising your listing and facilitating all aspects of the sell for you.

As soon as you sell your boat, you can go from being a seller to a buyer. You will feel that sense of excitement to be negotiating the sales price and picking out an all-new vessel of your own from a place like Petzoid’s Marine Center. With the right attention to the little things, you can shorten how long your listing is on the market.

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5 tips help sell boat quickly
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