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Hi, everyone! my name is Julius from San Francisco, California. I’m a Christian blogger and Affiliate Marketer. I IMG-20110926-00070make money online thru Affiliate Marketing or Online Marketing. I am the Owner of this site Please, visit my website more often for the update.

Update: My blog is finally up and running…Yaahooo!!! And oh! My first blog post also dated the same day. So please, subscribe to my blog—> to your right—> Yes! to your right corner to get the latest update.

I am a Filipino migrated here in the US last April 1994 and become a US Citizen in 2000. My Dad who passed away last March 2011 who is a Veteran of World War 2 who is the reason I came here and my Mom followed him in Oct. 2014 in Heaven. I am now married with 3 beautiful children 2 girls and 1 boy so, I’m blessed. I work as a Para Professional for Special Education for almost 14 years now. I go to church every Sunday and I love to sing to the Lord. I lead worship at night and sometimes in the morning if they needed me. This is my life!

I like it here at Wealthy Affiliate University and I guess I hit the target on my Niche. I am building like how to make money online, make money on the internet or make money at home. I bought my domain in Oct. 2010 and build it with a blog but got sidetrack in just two years I closed it down. Being a solo blogger or affiliate marketer is hard if you don’t have a mentor or system that you are following. In here with WA, you have everything to be successful. I wish I join the biz early before bcoz I already ran to this business once. But it’s not too late to get started and get to work towards my goal.

I love to make money and I want to share with you a “Secret Sauce” Finding Keywords For FREE! Yes! That’s right…A Keyword tools that is FREE of charge. This Keyword Search Software Tools that will help you to get more traffic or sales to your product. Go ahead and grab it before he will charge you $97 for it. Here it is Download Your Keyword Research Software Tools For Your Business. Again thank you for visiting my blog and hoping that you come back very often. God bless!

My Goal here is to give back to the community and pointed them the right business opportunity online.

Here’s my Goal in 2016 to be achieved:

1. Be a full-time blogger or affiliate marketer in 2 years.

2. Become a financially freedom in 3 years.

3. Buy a house in 2 years or less than that.

4. Take a vacation with the family – Achieved it – March 29, 2016, We went to Disneyland California Adventure.

5. Help my church and gave charity donations – Achieved it – Made donations every Sunday to our church and charity.

6. I will also help my family in need – Achieved it – Help my brother that are very ill with cancer and praying for his recovery. Update my brother past away last September 2017.

7. Help others through this blog to point out the best opportunity – Achieved it – Already seeing a result and helping them.

8. Paying my credit card debt over $10,000 in 1 year.

This is it for now, and I will be updating this time to time:

Many blessings to all,

Julius Orias

Just sharing this Funny Home Video that FAIL. Have Fun! 🙂