Are Your Employees Stressed? 4 Strategies to Reduce Their Anxiety

Nearly 80 percent of all employees report feeling stress at work, and almost 50 percent say that they would like their companies to help them feel less stress. If you are a manager or owner, then you may want to consider helping employees overcome their stress. Here are some ideas that you might want to think about implementing in your workplace.

Set Clear Goals

Many employees report feeling stressed because they are not exactly sure what their supervisors want them to do. Start by setting clear goals that encourage your employees to work together as a team. Show them how their personal goals tie into the overall structure of the organization. Goals should be limited in scope and time. If it becomes necessary to refine a goal, then make sure to communicate that effectively to your employees.

Use Lighting

While you may want to use motorized shades, shutters and blinds to block out glaring sunlight from the workplace, using appropriate lighting may help your employees feel less stressed. Creative lighting can be used to create a sense of the unexpected in the workplace while providing the right amount of light for workers to be productive. According to Desktime, it is helpful to use wall lighting to produce focal points in the workplace. These lights may be useful in helping workers have a place to fix their attention when looking for a solution to a problem. Recessed lighting often is a great solution for providing a well-lit environment.

Eliminate Bright Colors

Research suggests that workers who are continually exposed to bright colors experience more anxiety while working. Alternatively, choosing muted colors helps workers be more productive and relaxed. Workers who are continually surrounded by cool colors like blue, green and purple may feel more sadness. On the other hand, workers who are surrounded by warm colors like red, orange and yellows often report feeling happier and less stressed. Consider choosing matte paint as it helps to stop distracting glare. Make sure to create a pleasant contrast in areas because harsh changes can also cause stress.

Create a Balanced Work Environment

Whenever possible, allow employees to set their own hours. Some employees may choose to come to work early to avoid traffic and not have to hire a babysitter if another person works a later shift. Implement telecommuting allowing workers to be home with their families when they choose. Try eliminating the need to answer company emails before and after a certain hour. Offering flexibility often raises morale while lowering stress.

Use these ideas to get your own creative thoughts going on how to eliminate stress in your company. The result will be happier employees who usually are more productive and stay longer.

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