Curious Cash: 5 Odd Ways to Make Some Extra Money

Everybody could use a little extra money these days to pay the bills, fill up the gas tank or just buy a meal that doesn’t come out of a can. And working multiple jobs can cause scheduling conflicts that make things frustrating for everybody involved. If you just want some side gig ideas that offer you total flexibility, check out some of these suggestions for making a little extra money.

Create and Sell Custom Holiday Items Online

Did you know that you can design and sell your own products with zero investment or startup costs. You don’t have to manufacture the products or store any inventory. You don’t have to ship anything. You don’t have to invoice the customer or collect payment, and you don’t have to handle returns or perform any kind of customer service. It’s all done for you. You just design the products, and you earn commissions on every sale. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

It’s called “print-on-demand”, and anyone can do it. You can sign up for a creator account with a number of different companies that perform this service. You choose from a ton of blank products like coffee mugs, T-shirts, handbags, notebooks and keychains. Then you upload your own designs, graphics and text that you want printed on the products and list them for sale on the company’s site. You can share links to the products on your social media or blog, and then you cash out your payment from all your sales. Holiday items tend to sell very well, but you can create anything you want

Write Short Articles for Websites

You might not fancy yourself to be a writer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money as one. There are several websites for freelance writers out there where just about anyone can grab short assignments, write them and get paid the following week.

You don’t have to be a professional writer, have a college degree or have any credentials at all. If you can write coherently without glaring spelling or grammatical errors, then you can make an extra $50-$100 a week with just a couple hours of writing per day.

Donate Blood Plasma for Cash

If you don’t want to do any actual work and prefer to just sit there and make money, then you might want to look into donating plasma. It doesn’t get much easier than this. Sign up at a blood donation or plasma donation center in your area. You’ll need to fill out some forms, answer some questions about your medical history and wait around for a while the first time you go down there, but on your subsequent visits they’ll get you in and out much more quickly.

Some centers also do raffles and giveaways for those who donate frequently, and some of them also pay you for referrals. So those dollars can add up pretty quickly.

Cash in Your Dental Gold

Okay, don’t freak out, but those gold crowns and fillings on your teeth are worth real money. If you or your grandma have any old teeth lying around with gold, silver, platinum or other precious metals still attached to them, then you can trade those in for cash, either at a local dental gold buyer or online. Selling dental gold might sound pretty weird, but it’s a real thing that can put some real money in your wallet.

Take Old People Shopping

If there are any retirement homes in your vicinity, you might be able to help some of the residents run errands and make some easy money. Most retirement communities already have a driver who will take residents out to go shopping or to their appointments, but the drivers usually won’t wait around for more than an hour. Because of this, a lot of seniors in these communities don’t bother with those in-house driving services.

But these folks aren’t typically internet savvy either, so they don’t know how to call for a Lyft or Uber driver. That leaves an opening for you to provide them with a useful service. Just call these facilities and offer your services, or stop by in person and ask if you can leave a flyer on a bulletin board to promote your gig. You’ll need a clean, safe vehicle with current insurance and tags, and you can simply charge by the hour.

Making money doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little creativity and hustle, you can easily earn a few hundred extra dollars every month by putting some of these ideas into practice.

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