Every Dollar Counts: 5 Easy Ways You Can Make Some Extra Cash

If you’re strapped for cash, there are a few simple ways to increase your income and bring in a little extra money. Some of these methods don’t require a large investment of time, and you won’t have to learn a lot of new skills in order to make the money you need. Here are five easy ways to make some extra cash.

Try Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be promoting certain products online on your website or blogs. You’ll earn money for each product that is sold through the links that you post. According to Entrepreneur.com, certain products have very high earnings per click, which gives you the chance to earn hefty profits for yourself with each sale.

Rent out Your Vehicle

If you have a reliable vehicle, you can rent it out to other people during times when you’re not driving it. This may be a particularly ideal option if you have a spare vehicle that you don’t use regularly. Certain car rental service providers that will let you advertise your vehicle offer insurance coverage, but you should also check with your insurance provider and review your local laws to be on the safe side.

Sell Old Jewelry

Any unwanted jewelry items that you own can be sold for cash. Antique jewelry is an especially hot commodity that many people will be eager to buy. Certain jewelers such as Hartville Coin & Jewelry offer appraisal services that will let you know exactly how much your old jewelry is worth so that you can price it at the correct amount.

Donate Blood or Plasma

Donating your blood or plasma will give you the chance to help others while earning some quick cash for yourself. Blood banks are in constant need of donor blood to give to people undergoing medical treatments. Many of these blood banks also need plasma and are sometimes willing to pay more for these donations. Plus, most donation centers give you free juice and snacks after your blood or plasma is drawn.

Make Deliveries

You can use your car or bicycle to make deliveries in your area. Whether you deliver food, business documents or supplies to companies, there are many possibilities in this field. You’ll likely be able to pick a work schedule that fits well with your everyday life and doesn’t require you to devote a lot of extra time.

Getting the cash that you need can be accomplished by finding some simple ways to generate more money. These unique ways to earn money can help you stay afloat financially while allowing you to explore new opportunities in life.

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Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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