House Hacks: How to Handle Simple Home Repairs

When you are a new homeowner, you will want to save money by learning how to handle simple repairs around your home. A service call from a repair technician can cost hundreds of dollars, but you can complete many repairs cheaply.

Fixing the Squeaky Hinges on Doors

If you are tired of hearing squeaky noises from the doors and cabinets inside your home, then the good news is that this is an easy repair task. First, borrow or buy an assortment of flathead and Phillips-head screwdrivers along with making sure that you have a can of spray lubricant. You may also need a ladder to reach some of the hinges. Tighten the screws on the cabinets or doors hinges to help balance the items before spraying the lubricant on a hinge. Open and close the doors a few times to disperse the lubricant on the hinge’s mechanisms.

Fixing a Bathroom’s Clogged Toilet

It is important to prepare for a clogged toilet in your bathroom to avoid additional problems from sewage spills. You should buy at least one plunger at a local hardware store to have ready for this home repair. Keep the plunger in an easy to reach location such as underneath the bathroom’s sink so that you can find the device quickly. Lift the toilet’s seat and ring so that you can use the plunger to apply pressure against the clog. With a few hard pushes with the plunger, you will hear the water and clog move through the line.

Filling Drywall Holes with Spackling Paste

When you have a small hole in the drywall of a home, you can fill it with spackling paste. You can find this type of thick putty at a home improvement store, and it is available in small jars or tubes. Wash the area around the hole to remove any grease or debris, and after the area is dry, you can fill the hole with a tiny amount of the putty. You can use a specialized putty application tool to smooth the paste. After the putty dries completely, you may need to use sandpaper to smooth the repaired area before you paint over the paste.

Repairing the Loose Shingles on Your Home’s Rooftop

After a heavy rainstorm, make sure to check your home’s rooftop using an extension ladder. Avoid touching any power lines, and make sure to have a friend nearby while you are walking on the surface of the roof. You can use nails to repair loose roofing shingles, and you can also buy replacement shingles at a local hardware store. Wear safety equipment such as heavy gloves, work boots and goggles while you are fixing your home’s roof. You may need to buy an air compressor from a site like or a similar business to help you get this job done.

If you want to learn how to repair more things inside or outside your home, then watch online videos to learn how to complete a variety of tasks. Many of these home improvement videos are easy to access for free online.


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