How to Make Money from Your Dorm Room

For most people going to college isn’t exactly an experience associated with making money and being self-sustainable. However, if you have certain basic skills, willingness to work hard and the ability to make use of your free time – it is quite possible to earn some extra pocket money while attending university. The key is to choose the right job, it should be something that could fit into the busy schedule and potentially something that can be a valuable experience for your future career.

Here are a few ways to make a living while still in school.


Teaching online courses is both a good way to make some money and very rewarding effort. There are courses on almost any subject, so students could choose something that’s related to their field of study. It is also a pretty good line to have on your future job application. Most popular courses are usually related to IT and programming, but foreign language knowledge can also land you a lot of students. Most importantly, students could fit this side-gig into their schedules and devote it as much effort as they see fit.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is at a perfect intersection between business and creative efforts. Bloggers and other content creators use their platform to advertise and promote products to their audience. It takes a while to build an audience, but if you have a right niche and create useful content you can use the blog to generate significant revenue. It is important to be honest and upfront with your readers and let them know some of your content is sponsored. Students can devote as much time to this work as they can and good content continues to generate profits long after it’s been published.

Survey taking

Businesses need as much information about their customers as they can get their hands on. This is why paid surveys are so beneficial to both those who take them and those who order them. For businesses, it is a way to understand the clients and customers on a more personal level. This kind of information can be crucial in choosing a marketing strategy or even changing the product itself. There is a whole field of business study dedicated to market research. Students can easily accommodate this work in their schedules and take as much survey as they can. It is important to answer honestly and diligently follow the instructions.

Virtual assistant

A lot of businesses have stopped using offices and organized most of their work remotely. However, running an office, even a virtual one, requires a skillful assistant. The job consists of scheduling meetings, dealing with correspondences and managing the needs and expectations of everyone involved. With the right skills, a college student could do this for several businesses simultaneously. This can easily turn into more than just a college gig. Contacts in business and experience gained from observing day- to-day activities in an office can be a great learning opportunity and a chance for networking with the right people.

Customer service agent

It is a work that can be done from home, both from the computer and on the phone and it doesn’t require much training, just a friendly demeanor and a lot of patience. The businesses usually provide training and education about a product or service they are providing. Clear communication skills and the ability to use positive language are great advantages in landing this job. Of course, this is a much more time-consuming and serious way to make money while in the college and you need to be sure it will not get in the way of your studies.

Testing apps or websites

Apps and site are released to a select group of professionals before they hit the general public. Your job is to use an app or a website for a while and write about the experience in a clear and precise way. It is especially well suited for those who study something IT related or are interested in a career in tech journalism. A skilled student could test more than a few apps simultaneously and not even feel like it’s a job.

Finding a job during college isn’t just a way to earn some extra money, it is also a way to get some valuable work experience for your resume. While making an extra buck or two while studying is a good idea, it is also super important to remember that you are there for a reason – to get an education.

Do not ever lose that from your sight.

Guest Author:

James D. Burbank has spent almost two decades in marketing. He runs a business-oriented blog called BizzMarkBlog with a few friends. You can find him on Twitter – @JBurbank2019.

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