Jobs That Support The Entrepreneurial Dream

The crux of any well-rounded business is the time and energy being put into it. If you’re an entrepreneur just getting started without a base clientele, it’s wise to find a job that gives you the time to put attention towards your new business. This gives both you and your budding business time to blossom while keeping the bills paid. Student entrepreneurs can also reap these job advantages

While it’s not required to have a degree to start a business, more entrepreneurs are earning business degrees before launching their new ideas. According to Marylhurst University191,571 people graduated from U.S. schools with advanced degrees in business, numbers which have continuously risen year by year.” The jobs considered below work great for students studying business in pursuit of a degree or entrepreneurs who need to be bringing in income from other sources before business started taking off.

Jobs That Pay to Wait Around

Jobs that pay to basically babysit an office building or expensive equipment encourage their employees to bring something to pass the hours because there will be a lot of downtimes. This time can be utilized to fine-tune your business plans and website.

For example, an after-hours security guard is a position that, depending on the building and the company work policy, includes this kind of downtime. Depending on the risk factor involved, though, the employee may need some sort of certification. Radio stations and tv stations, however, hire building watch technicians that stay after hours to ensure nothing goes off-air. This kind of job typically requires no prior experience. A company out of New York City called “Same Ole Line Dudes”, a professional line sitting company, talks to Elite Daily about their working lifestyle. “If I want to work, if I want to go out and do a line to make extra money, then I can go do that.” Similar jobs include a groundskeeper for a cemetery, select sales jobs, and a house nanny.

Jobs That Give Time to Think

There are jobs that will require fairly constant movement but allow for a lot of undisturbed contemplation. These are jobs that allow the employee to go through their regular motions physically while getting creative mentally.

Working as a postman on mail routes is an example of a great government job that allows time to think. Postal Exam Review, a prep website for those entering the United States Postal Service says, “Postal service jobs get great employee benefits and reasonable salaries. Also the second-largest employer in the USA. US postal jobs are well-paid.” Other jobs that give much-needed thinking time for new entrepreneurs are truckers, bike shop mechanics, housekeepers, and janitors.

Jobs that Teach Business Strategy

Many white collared jobs can offer you an opportunity to glean insights into various roles that contribute to a successful company. Many companies have various departments that support the ultimate goals of the business. Getting acquainted with some of these departments may provide you with more knowledge and confidence going forward with a new business plan.

With all the varying departments of a business, new entrepreneurs can benefit working part-time in office administration like accounting, accounts receivable/payable, and customer service to get a better idea of the process, software, and infrastructure. Getting involved in the marketing aspect of a business can prove very educational for those learning to build a brand. It takes a lot more than creativity and money to become a fixture in your community and online. Finally, working in the sales department can prove valuable as well, selling a product and learning persuasive tactics in addition to learning client management and relations could be a huge advantage when you’re running your own business.

Jobs That Remind You Why You’re Starting a Business

For some people, working a job that leaves them unhappy and unfulfilled may be the biggest driver to starting a personal business. This article can’t speak for any job specifically that would make anyone feel unfulfilled, but part of being a new entrepreneur is the longing to be in charge of a company and building their community rather than dutifully making someone else richer.

Entrepreneurs all have two things in common: a good idea and a drive for success. Working a normal job with bi-weekly paychecks gives entrepreneurs insight on what it’s like to work the more laborious part of a business. Being a part of the less attractive conditions can help new business owners see potential improvement for their own employees and develop a business model that is based on fulfillment and happiness for everyone involved.

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