60 Second Binary Option Trading Review




There are many binary options provided by one company which allows for 1-minute trading. For 60 second traders, this removes a large element of thought from the trade and means that those who are particularly good at spotting short-term trends or the high

likelihood of a swing in one direction for several minutes this become likelihood of a swing in one direction for several minutes this becomes an excellent trading tool.

They operate in a similar way to traditional options by letting investors purchase them with a specific expiry date in mind. It’s 81% return on their 60-second binary options.The basis for having the money returned even if your investment fails to close in the money is a protection rate which most brokers generously offer between 10-15% of your initial investment.


The frequency of, for example, news stories causing the price to swing dramatically in one direction is great for all traders who like to trade fast moving markets. This means that for every $100 you invest for that one-minute your position will close either in the money with 180 return, or out of the money with around a $15 return. Fast-moving markets benefit from these options as traders can quickly enter and exit simply needing price to remain above or below the strike price for the 60-second duration. One pioneering broker currently offers 60-second trading and was launched in 2011 due to the demand from the trading community to provide short-term binary options. When you purchase a binary option (also known as digital options)you will state how much you are willing to invest and you will be told how much you are set to earn should you be right in speculating on price closing above or below the strike price. This amount never changes once the binary option has been purchased regardless of the degree that price closes above or below the strike price.

Binary options work this out for you with their closing price determining the profitability of a trade. Similarly, as an investor you always know exactly how much you are set to lose before you even enter the trade. TradeRush many traders find it easy to speculate on whether the price will rise or fall but harder to try to work out exit strategies or how much profit or loss to take. Luckily, modern technology and the advent of the web-based trading platform allow previously complex transaction and derivatives markets to exist and trade incredibly quickly on real-time data. The 60 second trading with options was previously considered almost impossible due to the speed that information would need to pass between brokers operating on multiple contracts with thousands of client.


Yes! I do, but none of them work for me. I’ve lost lots of money buying that software that they are recommending. They are incredibly risking not only getting caught on the wrong side of a trade and then fighting to get out but also in trying to establish an exit once you are in the money. The 60-second binary options trading, therefore, allows an investor to purchase options with an expiry time of one minute. You can only lose as much as you agreed before taking the trade and you can also only win as much as you had agreed. These expiry times are typical between 5 minutes and 1 month depending on the type of trader that you are.

Unlike traditional options, they are incredibly simple to understand and only ever have two outcomes in the money or out of the money. The benefits of trading such fast-moving options is, as Traderush. So, the attraction with binary options is their simplicity and all-or-nothing outcome. Ideal for scalpers, these short-term options are for fast-fingers traders who see price movements on a very short-term scale. Binary options obviously have the benefit of removing both of these dilemmas. Binary options trading has revolutionized the concept of options trading by allowing traders to buy and sell options without having to have a large deposit.

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