New Business Owner 101: What to Consider Before Hiring Employees

There is a lot to consider before you hire your first employee. If you spend the time up front, it can save you the hassle of having replace the employee right away. Here are some tips to help you with your hiring endeavor.

Create a Job Description

Having a job description gives the candidates a better idea if the job is something that really interests them. This will save both you and the candidate time trying to decide if the position is the right fit. You may want to post a salary range for the position as well. Having more information available to candidates can get you a better quality of candidate to consider. Put together a prescreening criteria so that you can identify your ideal candidates quicker.

Standardize the Interview Process

Create interview questions that are specific to what you want in an employee. Have them preprinted on a form so that you can make your notes directly. When it comes time to decide on a candidate, you can compare their answers more objectively. If you ask additional questions, make sure to document the question as well as the answer. This can sometimes occur because the candidate sparks another line of inquiry. Consider adding this question to your other interviews.

Follow Through on Checks

Conduct a background check, a past employment verification, and contact their references. This will provide you with a more well-rounded history on the candidate of your choice. People are always on their best behavior for the interview. It can be difficult to determine how they will be as an employee. Having all of the facts will allow you to decide if this is someone that you want working for you. Let the candidates know about the checks that you’ll be performing. They may choose to eliminate themselves from the process.

Draft an Employment Agreement

Once you’ve settled on a candidate, draft an employment agreement. Have it checked over by a business formation attorney, to make sure that everything is legal. It should list things that are important to you and your business. You may want to include things like a required length of employment if you invest extensive training time. It may cause the candidate to rethink the position if they aren’t serious about wanting to work for you. On the other hand, it can show a potential employee how serious you take your business practices.

Hiring people can sometimes feel like you’re bidding on a mystery box. Take these steps so that you can hire a serious candidate.

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