Plumbing Problem? 4 Handy Hints to Help You Handle It

Homeowners need to stay on top of many aspects of their homes. This is one reason why it is important that you learn a few DIY tricks to take care of some stuff on your own like plumbing problems. The following are four handy hints that can help you deal with common plumbing issues.

Smelly Drain

One issue that can be a little annoying to a homeowner is a smelly drain. This normally happens in the kitchen sink and is usually caused by some stoppage. What you need to do is just sprinkle baking soda down the drain. The next thing you want to do is blend juice from a lemon with an equal amount of vinegar, and pour that into the drain. The next thing you want to do is pour hot water down the drain for a few minutes.

Sluggish Drain

Another issue that sometimes happens with drains is they get a little sluggish. You want to deal with this as soon as possible because the drain could clog up if you do not act quickly. All you have to do is take some of the aforementioned steps, but omit the lemon juice. Try the vinegar/baking soda trick until the water starts to go down like it normally does.

Clogged Drain

There are a few things you can do to deal with this problem. Some people just buy a snake, which can usually take care of clogs if they are relatively close to the drain’s opening. You can also try the vinegar and baking soda mixture though this normally does not work if the clog is too strong. You could use drain unclog liquids or boiling water, but both solutions can hurt your drains in the long run, so it is best to stay away from these extreme solutions. If nothing you try is working, consider contacting a professional like Ez Flow Plumbing or someone similar.

Running Toilet

The next thing you might have to deal with is a running toilet. This problem shows up from time to time and is normally a result of flushing too roughly though there are other reasons why it happens. What you want to do is open the toilet tank, and just bend or adjust the float arm to see if that fixes the problem. The problem with a running toilet is that sometimes the issue is a little more complicated like a leak, which has to be dealt with by a professional. Do not be afraid to call a plumber when the issue is too much for you.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions make it easier for you to deal with common plumbing issues. Again, make sure you talk to a plumbing specialist if the problem is not solved with simple solutions. You do not want to make a mistake with your plumbing that could cost you more than you want to pay.

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