Unexpected Guests: How to Handle Rodents in your Home

Your home should be a sanctuary but that does not mean it will always be, especially if you find a rodent. Most people are scared of these creatures, and they can be shocking to find at home. Rodents are bigger than bugs, making them much more unsettling, so try the following suggestions.

Obvious Meow

A good solution might be a cat. These creatures naturally hunt mice and rats and should be able to deal with your pest problem. Granted, this solution is going to take some time, and you will need to invest a considerable amount of effort to care for your cat. It might be a chore to keep the cat, but you should consider it because it might keep these rodents out of your home.

Try Poison

These rodents do not like to eat new foods. Most of the time, they only nibble a small amount of food to see if they are negatively affected. You want to use food that the pest is familiar with so it does not perceive a problem. Add the poison to these foods, and just leave the poisoned food around for the rat or mice to consume. Make sure you leave the food in an area where other people in your family won’t mistake the food, just in case.

Seal the Food

Rodents will go away if they no longer find food. You want to make sure that you start making it a habit to throw away food as much as possible, and seal any food that remains in your house. Use thick containers if you can, and do your best to keep your home free of crumbs by sweeping constantly. Taking these steps should help drive these creatures away from your home and your family.

Talk to a Professional

Those dealing with a serious infestation are going to have to talk to a professional like American Pest Control Inc. or someone similar. Having cats or putting food away are measures you can take early on but not when there is an infestation in your home. There may be a nest in your house, so you need to have your home inspected. These creatures are not only unsettling, but they also pose a health risk so do not delay.

Now, you know a few steps to take should you discover rodents in your home. Hopefully, this is the last time you have to deal with this situation. Be sure to take precautions from now on to keep your home pest-free.

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