4 Opportunities Your Future Self Will Thank You for Investing in Now

If you want to set yourself up for future financial success, it’s important that you invest your money wisely now. Investing for growth means not only setting aside enough money, but also identifying good investment opportunities. Here are four opportunities your future self will thank you for investing in today.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

One of the most interesting investment opportunities available to individual investors at the moment is peer-to-peer lending. In this type of lending arrangement, individuals lend money to other individuals through a third-party platform. As the loans are repaid, the lenders collect their money and the interest paid on it. Peer-to-peer lending is excellent for producing cash flow and generating relatively stable returns on investment.

Real Estate

Real estate investment is one of the most historically proven ways to create and retain wealth. Owning a rental property is a great way to generate a recurring cash flow on a monthly basis. With a sufficiently large portfolio of rental properties, you can even make enough passive income to support yourself very well in retirement, while leaving the day-to-day running of the properties in the hands of a property management company. Investing in real estate can be challenging because of the cost and learning curve involved, but it is also one of the best ways to put your money to work for you.

Index Funds

Though higher-return investments are great for growing your wealth, it’s also wise to have some more conservative investments that will gain value more slowly. For this part of your portfolio, investing in index funds is a good way to go. Index funds mirror the composition of specific stock market indices and are readjusted automatically, giving them the advantage of very low management fees. Though these funds don’t grow quickly, they will give you a relatively secure vehicle for investing your money in the long term.


If you want to invest in real estate, but don’t have enough money to even seriously consider it, you can still get in on commercial properties by investing in real estate investment trusts, or REITs. These trusts fund real estate projects and pay interest to contributors. Though you can put your money into traditional REITs, there are also now digital options that often have lower investment thresholds. Fundrise, for example, allows investors to get into an REIT fund with as little as $500. Though it generally isn’t as good for your portfolio as owning properties yourself, getting into a good REIT can be a sound financial move if you haven’t got the money to invest in real estate in a more traditional manner.

These four investments are all good ways to get your money out into the market and working for you. If you get into one or more of them today, your future self will thank you later on down the road.

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4 Opportunities Your Future Self Will Thank You for Investing in Now. Please, do share your comments below…

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