ALL ACCESS: Mayweather vs. McGregor – Who Do You Think Will Win the Fight?

Storyteller: Beforehand on “All Access”… Howdy, an accomplice! McGregor: I don’t give a…about him. I won’t indicate his regard in the battle. Mayweather: On the off chance that you need to get regard, you give regard. On the off chance that you say…me, I’ll say, “…you.” Showtime. Holler at it. Mayweather: I’m hard to battle. In the event that you understood that zero, I’m going to put that misfortune on your record. I’m going to put that misfortune on you. Did you imagine about crushing me? McGregor: It’s one more day for me. “Hello, Conor, you’re battling a boxing best on the planet.” “Affirm.” Off I go and make them alterations. I don’t battle like no one else. You can’t plan for me. Check, please! [ Chuckling ] Mayweather: At one specific time, everyone in boxing knew not to try and talk my…name.

Pursuing Everyone Running for Cover

When I was pursuing everyone, and everyone was running for cover, everyone was attempting to discover a place to stow away. Presently I’m more established, more astute, sit back on the position of authority, at the apex, ’cause despite everything I’m remaining at the best. Despite the fact that I was away for a long time, regardless I was the greatest name in boxing. Furthermore, after this battle, I’m going to be as yet sitting at the best out of boxing.♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Team ♪ ♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Team ♪ ♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Team ♪ ♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Team ♪ ♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Team ♪ ♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Team ♪ Mayweather: We want the Mayweather payday.

Mayweather’s Luxury Cars

We need the Mayweather watch. We need the Bugattis, we need the Moves Royces. Friyie:♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Team ♪ Mayweather: And we get cash, we need to purchase this. We get cash, we need to purchase that. In any case, once you were done purchased everything, at that point what? Friyie: ♪ Investigate my eyes, you can see the agony ♪ Mayweather: You need your heritage to live on through your youngsters. So you take the long course so they don’t need to take the long course. You got the chance to give up something for your family and your friends and family. At the point, in the end, I need to leave organizations to my kids and my grandchildren to run. Friyie: ♪ Came up from the base of the base ♪ Take a gander at me ♪ Mayweather: We have the TMT Music Gathering.

♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Group ♪ Mayweather: My land portfolio is astonishing. While we sitting ideal here, I’m profiting. When I’m sleeping, I’m profiting. Why? Since I made brilliant speculations. Friyie: ♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Team ♪ ♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Team ♪ ♪ Money, Money, Money, Money Team ♪ Mayweather: I came into the game, aced the game, and assembled a realm. ♪♪ McGregor: If at any time there’s a challenge to be inspired by, this is the one. No way, not an expectation. He’s not going to lay a glove. He’s going to get humiliated. He’s going to get slaughtered. My entire vacation, I am dependable told I can’t do this, I can’t do that. I feel when somebody reveals to you can’t accomplish something, that is the point at which you should accomplish something. ♪♪ Back to Floyd, he’s competing 125-pound kids. You believe I’m a 125-pound kid? I’m a 170-pound Irish gorilla.

McGregor’s Preparing for the Fight

What’s more, I’m going to rip his take off and play football with it. You’re seeing a creature come in here and crush the entire amusement. Storyteller: In the course of recent weeks in Las Vegas, Conor McGregor has concentrated on a certain something and one thing just – a determined mission to achieve crest condition come battle night. Great cycle in the leave. That is an approach to get acclimatized to this air. ♪ Mirror, Mirror ♪ On the divider ♪ Who’s the best of all? Storyteller: McGregor gets straight to the point regarding how the media has delineated his preparation regimen up until this point. McGregor: They’re depicting what they’re seeing, and that is hard…work. Throughout the day, throughout the day! I came, I saw  I vanquished all  Storyteller: While some have been outraged by how Floyd has depicted his own particular preparing camp, Conor isn’t one of them. It’s entertaining to me to see a 40-year-old man acting that way. Floyd at the shoreline club, at the strip club? What’s that…? You know what I mean? What’s he at? He’s going roller-skating or roller disco, whatever the…he’s doing.

It is what it is. That’s Floyd.  It doesn’t matter what you do McGregor: I don’t believe that he’s not working. I believe he is putting in work. If you go in deeper, you can see through his soul that that man is sweating.  I conquered all I just keep on fighting, keep on winning, and keep on doing my thing. ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ Narrator: In boxing, Media Day is a time-honored tradition. But in all the sport’s long history, there has never been one like this, as not only boxing journalists but also those on the MMA beat fill the Mayweather Boxing Club to see if Floyd is still Floyd.

To wrap it up! Mayweather vs. McGregor Who do you think will win the fight?

I have to include now on this post the Full fight of that night. And you know the result still the undefeated champion Mr. Flyod Mayweather. Please watch the full fight and enjoy! 🙂

Mayweather Won the Fight

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