Fall Features: 4 Home Renovation Tricks to Try This Fall

Fall is a good time of year to engage in home renovation projects. The cooler temperatures are great for outdoor DIY projects. It’s also a good time to embark on home renovation projects that will save you some money throughout the year and those that will make the cold weather season more enjoyable. 

Adding a Porch

If your home doesn’t have a front porch, adding one can increase the value of your home. It can also give you an additional relaxation area. Having a covered area at the door will keep you and visitors from getting wet while opening the door or waiting for someone to come to the door. Add the porch during the fall and you’ll be able to enjoy crisp mornings or evening on the porch. A porch gives you an additional space to decorate so that the entrance to your home is lovely in every season.

Create a Mudroom

Not all renovations have to involve an extensive alteration of your interior space. If your home design and budget permits, you can build a mudroom addition to your home. However, if extending your living space isn’t an option, you can create a mudroom near a kitchen door or near the exterior door in the laundry room. Bench seating with storage and shelving is needed in a mudroom.

Flooring that can withstand heavy traffic, wet shoes and dripping dogs are essential in a mudroom. Non-slip rugs are highly recommended. You can include storage furniture as an alternative to or in addition to built-in storage. A mudroom should be designed to be efficiently organized. 

Kitchen Updates

When the weather begins turning colder, you may find yourself spending more time indoors. If your kitchen undergoes an update, you may find it a more pleasurable place to prepare family meals. You might even decide to do some holiday entertaining once your kitchen looks more attractive and functions more efficiently.

Simple kitchen updates such as updating appliances, replacing countertops or adding a kitchen island can make a big impact on the appearance and functionality of the kitchen. A complete kitchen renovation could involve expanding the space by opening it up to the living area, adding more lighting and replacing cabinets and flooring. 

Updating Doors and Windows

There can be multiple advantages to updating exterior doors. Replacing a boring garage door or front door with a more attractive door can immediately enhance the curb appeal of your home. Replacing old, drafty doors can save you some money on your heating and cooling expenses. When shopping for new doors, you might want to consider steel doors for the additional measure of security they offer.

Replacing old windows with new, energy efficient windows is a wise financial move. New windows will also enhance the beauty of your home. You may want to replace your current windows with a different style of the window from places like Nu-Look Glass & Aluminium Windows to increase your view of the outdoors or to complement the architectural style of your home. 

Updating your home can increase its aesthetics, make it more efficient and increase your overall enjoyment of living in your updated home. When deciding on renovation or updating projects, you should consider which projects are within your budget and are the most beneficial to your lifestyle and the value of your home.

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