How to Find a Profitable Niche for Your Blog

“How do you make money using your blog?” Money making bloggers get this question from friends and relatives all the time. This is not surprising, because we all want to increase our income no matter what inspired us to start blogging. For those who have been in the game long enough, getting profits from a blog is straightforward, but not easy. It is not just about researching backlinks using powerful tools.

Years of experience has taught SEO Chicago professionals that passion often beats even the toughest competition. When you start a business, there are many considerations. You need to look at all angles before launching to maximize chances of success. Finding a profitable niche for your blog is similar. However, instead of focusing on all software and plugins you may need, here is a simple and quick process.

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1. Identify Niche Market keywords

This is an easy step because you can use Google’s free tool to do local and global searches for keywords. You can use any keyword, but the key thing is to focus on at least 1000 global searches per month. Another keyword research tool that makes the cut is Long Tail Pro. It may not be free like Google Keyword Planner, but it offers multiple searches and detailed results.

2. Measure Keyword Competiveness

With your keywords  ready, shift focus to the competition. As robbers follow money to the bank, so should you when searching for a profitable niche keyword. Several things will tell you how lucrative a keyword is:

  • Highly targeted ads
  • High average CPC
  • Ads on multiple pages


Make sure ad blockers are not enabled on your browser because you want to see the number of ads that appear on first page of search results. If none show, the niche may not earn much no matter the number of visitors your blog gets monthly. CPC generated profits will be minimal.  

3. Check the Trends

The niche could be doing well now, but, does it have a bright future? Again, you have an excellent tool at your disposal for this analysis: Google Trends. Key-in the keywords to see if there is potential of traffic increasing in the next few years. If you want your blog to bring returns for the long run, it is advisable to get into a stable or steadily growing market. You do not want to place your hopes in a niche that is showing signs of shrinking.

4. Make Your Decision

After going through the above stages, it is now time to determine whether it is worth getting into the niche. Note that if you are a newbie, competing against top multinationals is a tough call. According to blogging experts, starting with a low competition keyword and building web presence slowly is the best approach in this case. If you have the financial muscle and web presence, you can plunge into a market that features top brands and highly targeted ads.

Assuming you have identified a profitable niche for your blog, you are now ready to register your domain, develop your site and identify a hosting service. You do not have to understand all the programming and coding intricacies as these services are available at SEO Chicago at very friendly rates.

Once everything is set, go ahead and create exciting content, backlinks, etc. Most importantly, remember that success in niche blogging depends on the quality you offer. Blog regularly, build traffic and earn good money in the process.  Did this help you find a profitable niche for your blog? Share your experience with us.

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