How You Can Make Money Online from Education

New technologies and especially the ubiquitous nature of broadband internet have caused a bonafide revolution in the world of education. People can nowadays take courses from universities thousands of miles away; students have unprecedented access to information and educational resources and there are innumerable other ways in which people can improve their education and knowledge in general.

For someone who is interested in making money online, this has also provided a whole new avenue of possibilities. Today, we will be looking at the most interesting ways in which anyone can make some money online from education.


When we are talking about ways to make money from education online, we have to kick things off with the most common practice – tutoring. Tutoring is definitely not new as it has been around since Ancient Greece and probably even before that.

These days, however, it is easier to find people who might need your knowledge than ever before. The simple reason is that instead of having access to only your nearby area, today you can tutor anyone who speaks your language, no matter where they live.

For example, a young man from Japan can get Java coding tutoring from a Brazilian girl who has years of experience in this kind of coding and who is making a few extra bucks by sharing her knowledge.

Nowadays, there are even tutoring websites where people who are in need of knowledge can find tutors who have all the facts they need. Skooli, TutorMe and TutorVista are some of the more popular such platforms and they are the best first step into the wonderful world of tutoring.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that certain types of knowledge are more sought-after than others. For instance, you will find it easier to make money offering coding classes than 17th century German philosophy classes.

Creating Online Courses

Once you have been doing tutoring for a while, you will probably hone your skills enough to be able to come up with an entire online course in your field of expertise.  This is something that has become much easier these days with all the various tools that will help you not only take care of the actual realization of your course vision, but that will also help you market and monetize it the appropriate way.

Building a great online course requires knowledge, dedication and a student base that will be big enough for you to make a living. If you pull it off the right way, however, you might just make a fortune, like this former high school teacher from England did a few years ago.


Until they develop flawless transcription software, there will always be jobs for people who are ready to turn audio recordings to written text. In education, there are many cases in which various organizations need transcribing certain audio content and someone who types fast and is meticulous can make quite a bit of money transcribing various lectures, meetings and interviews.

This is the kind of work that will pay off for you if you can type fast and if you can deliver flawless copy every single time. Once again, thanks to the fact that all of this is now done by online services, you can easily get a job with international and regional transcribing services that always have work for people willing to listen and type.

While you might find more work if you branch out and decide not to do only education transcription, there is still plenty of work if you decide to stick with educational material.

TranscribeMe, TigerFish and SpeakWrite are a few web transcribing services that you can try out if you are planning to make money this way.

Study Material Sharing

Most people who have attended particularly tricky classes in high school or college have had an experience where they simply couldn’t keep up with a particularly fast-talking professor or teacher, notes-wise. Other people are simply more talented at taking notes or simply have better training at it.

These days, such people can make some really nice money using online services where college notes and study guides can be sold and bought for money or credit that can then be used to purchase other people’s notes and guides.

StudySoup is the largest such service in the United States and they concentrate exclusively on American colleges (this is their list of schools they cover). ThinkSwap is an Australian company that does both certain colleges (this is an example of notes for Monash exam) and high schools and has been doing it for a while.

The best thing about this is that you are not even doing anything to make money. You are simply taking notes you would be taking anyway, only now, you can make some money off them.

The downside of this is that you need to be enrolled in one of the schools in order to be able to make money this way.

Closing Word

You do not have to work at a high school or a college in order to make money from education. With a bit of internet-savvy and a willingness to work, you can actually make some decent money in the education sector.

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