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Independent Business Owner Out From Employee – Enhance Your Tool Box!

Whether you are an Independent business owner was your first choice, you were downsized or it was no longer practical to go back to work while supporting a family, there are certain skills that you need to sharpen in order to survive in the small business arena.

In this post we discuss 6 traits that could kick start your new career as an Independent Business Owner.

1. Always Be A Closer

As an independent business owner for “My Own Business Ltd”, your failure or success boils down to one thing – the implementation of projects and sales. If you are not making any sales then the profit and loss account is only going to show bad news. Business is about sales, so ask for the sale, implement the sale extraordinarily well and move on to the next one.

2. Maximise Marketing

When you run “My Own Business Ltd” then each and every project that you work on is with someone new. You have no global brand backing you up and opening doors for you. It is all down to you. Therefore, you need to take a much larger appreciation and understanding of the role of marketing in pushing your brand and driving sales.

3. Drive Excellence

No longer are you employee 02497. You are an independent business owner of your own business, your own brand. Being OK at something and getting an adequate score in a review hearing is no longer going to cut it. You have to strive for excellence in everything that you do.

People might bulk at the salaries paid to top actors and sports people. The fact of the matter is that they are exceptional at what they do and they also train long and hard to improve not just on their weaknesses but in fact on the very skills that got them there in the first place. It’s time you did this for your own niche!

4. Thrive On The Pressure

Being excellent at one thing is no longer good enough. As a small business owner you’re not just sales, or finance or marketing you are all of the above. Plus cleaner, chief tea boy, and strategist.

Understand the importance of time management and become adept at balancing all of the above and doing each one while pursuing excellence. The sooner you master a new skill the sooner you can move on to a new one.

5. Nurture Your Network

Trying to Get an attention from your boss or board members is not networking. It is what we call Kiss…(…) You know what I mean…lol. Your network consists of those around you in your industry and niche. Get to know them better, share information, assets and overall get to know them better. It matters what other people in your industry say about your work.

A word of mouth marketing referral from a peer is a highly valued commodity and can really support your growing small business.

6. Being An Independent Business Owner

Being an independent business owner might seem quite glamorous. When things go well it is. However, there are the long hours, the constant need for improvement, the continuous need for business development, networking, developing new products and finding more customers. That being said, if you get the balance right, you might just find you love your new world.

Decide to be an Independent Business Owner Today!


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