The Door to Savings: 5 Ways to Lower Your Power Bill this Summer

As a new homeowner, you will be glad to see your natural gas bill go down in the summer once you stop paying for heat. However, you may be surprised to see how much your electricity bill skyrockets especially once you turn on your air conditioning. As the air outside gets hotter, keep your home cool and your wallet full of money with these tips.

Keep the Sun Out

Keeping the unnecessary heat out of the home will help you save on cooling costs. Consider installing blackout curtains in rooms that you do not use during the day. In rooms where you still want to enjoy a bit of the sun, use light-reducing shades and blinds that will keep a room pleasant but will not allow in overpowering amounts of sunlight. For future power savings, you can plant trees around the home to keep sunlight out of the windows and off the roof.

Use Fans

Fans can help circulate air to create a cooling effect without having to spend the big bucks on air conditioning. Place fans near windows in the evening when outside air begins to cool, and use overhead fans throughout the day. Be sure that overhead fans spin counter-clockwise during the summer to ensure that there is downward airflow.

Increase Thermostat Temp

During the day when you are not at home, turn your thermostat to a higher temperature to decrease the amount of energy needed to run your air conditioning unit. The small investment that you make in a programmable thermostat will be worth it to ensure that the house is cooled down by the time you get home from work. Additionally, if you plan on spending most of the day outdoors, turn the inside temp up because every degree you turn it up can save you up to 15% on your energy bill.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Cooling is not the only way that you spend money on power throughout the summer. You will also use electricity to power appliances both large and small as well as light bulbs and chargers. Switch to energy-efficient CFL, halogen or LED light bulbs and choose only energy-efficient appliances if you are buying new. Additionally, consider using outdoor grills, crock pots, pressure cookers or microwaves rather than the oven, which uses significant amounts of power.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Stop losing the cooler air in your home and stop warm summer air from creeping in by replacing old doors and windows with energy-efficient options. Energy-efficient windows often have special glazes that reflect the sunlight and may have double or triple panes for insulation. In addition, be sure that you have the proper amounts of weather-stripping around all your doors and windows. Keep in mind, buying new windows doesn’t guarantee that they will be more energy-efficient. Some businesses, like Statewide Energy Solutions and similar companies, offer specially made windows and doors designed for this purpose. No matter who you choose to work with, you should definitely be sure that the product you are buying is made for this purpose.

Just because you lower your power bill does not mean that you have to bake in a warm house all summer long. Instead, by making wise use of fans and air conditioning units and by keeping out heat, you can watch your bill drop while still enjoying cool summer days and nights. Of course, for the most savings, try to implement as many of these changes as possible.

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