Traffic Violations? 4 Strategies To Financially Resolve Your Tickets

One of the worst things that you could possibly see in your rear view mirror is a police car with its blue lights swirling. After being pulled over, you might get a ticket for a traffic violation. Instead of worrying about how it will impact your driver’s license or your insurance, start looking into ways that you can resolve your ticket without spending a lot of money.

Challenge Views Of The Officer

Most of the time, you will have the opportunity to challenge why the officer gave you the ticket in the first place. You can offer an argument that a maneuver on the road is safe during certain traffic conditions when the officer feels that it’s not. Another way to challenge the decision of the officer is to look at the subjective reasoning of the officer. There are some regulations and laws that are in place that can be tweaked a bit depending on the situation, such as driving a few miles an hour over the speed limit.

Take Classes

One of the ways that you can resolve a traffic ticket is to take a driving class. Sometimes, the judge will dismiss the ticket if you can prove that you have taken the class. This is a benefit for teenagers or young adults who have received traffic tickets and don’t want a significant increase on their car insurance. It can also provide a way to learn about new regulations while driving or to refresh your driving skills.

Hire An Attorney

Although you might need to spend a little money hiring an attorney, you’ll usually be able to resolve the ticket quickly and without any kind of issue with your license or insurance. Most of the time, an attorney can speak with the officer or the prosecuting attorney about the reason why you were given a ticket so that you don’t have to go to court. An agreement can usually be reached when an attorney, like the professionals at Mesenbourg & Sarratori Law Offices, is involved to keep you from paying fines or even spending time in jail if the traffic ticket is considered a misdemeanor.


When you’re talking to the judge, you want to offer every detail about the traffic stop that you can. There are times when you will make mistakes while driving that are sometimes out of your control. An example would be failing to stop at a sign or crosswalk because you can’t see the sign or because the lines in the road are faded.

When you receive a traffic ticket, you need to look into all of your options. You could talk to an attorney or try to challenge the decision of the officer. Don’t settle for a ticket if you can save yourself some money by fighting the outcome.

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