Traveling and Making Money: Take Your Laptop on a Trip!

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Though the internet provides many opportunities to earn money and work remotely, you aren’t limited to working from home. Anywhere with an internet connection can provide the means for you to be successful. So, why stay in one place? Marketers who travel have the potential to empathize with a wider audience and witness marketing trends in a variety of places first-hand. Plus, getting away from your normal day-to-day can renew your energy and creativity. Whether you’re aiming for long-term travel or a quick getaway, here are a few things to keep in mind when traveling the world as an internet marketer.

Start Somewhere

If you don’t already have work that lends itself to traveling, you don’t have to create your own online business or rely solely on freelance work. Finding a job within an online marketing firm or some other digital agency is a great way to gain the skills you’ll need to work remotely. Many of these companies will allow you to work remotely, and you can take on additional freelance work or begin to grow your own business slowly with more job security.

Social commerce is one market you should consider. According to Intuit, “Instagram’s reach has doubled since 2013, and the number of people who end up buying online after researching a business has reached a record high of 71%.” Because of the potential for brand exposure, many entrepreneurial travelers and professional vagabonds have tapped into this trend and learned how to reach out to companies to offer their marketing services.

Travel Planning

Where do you want to go? You don’t necessarily have to plan your trip far in advance, but there are a few things you should make sure of. The most important factor related to your work is planning where you’ll be able to access a stable internet connection. This is especially crucial if your job requires video calls or web development.

Cafes and other public wifi connections are often unreliable and can run slowly because of the number of people accessing them. A better option is to invest in your own wifi hotspot with a local SIM card. You can also tether an internet connection from your phone. However, this can result in hefty charges on your cell phone bill, especially in other countries.

Financial aspects are also worth considering. If you’re traveling full time, you can stand to save a lot of money by foregoing monthly rent and other bills that come with a stable location. However, if you’re staying in hotels wherever you go, your adventures can quickly become too expensive to sustain. Choosing locations with a lower cost of living can allow you to have a significantly better lifestyle while making the same amount of money. Of course, staying in a travel trailer or RV can also offer you greater freedom to roam at a lower cost, while also removing one aspect of planning from the equation.

Vehicle Maintenance and Emergency Planning

Whether you choose to travel in a van, a truck with a trailer, or an RV, you need to be prepared to deal with maintenance while on the road. Aside from monitoring and stocking up on fluids like motor oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and extra gasoline, you should also be prepared for a variety of circumstances. For example, you’ll want to consider the weather in the areas you’re planning to visit, and you may need tire chains if you’re going to a region that experiences snow.

For the same reason, you should pack a few extra blankets, drinking water, and non-perishable foods in case you get stranded during your travels. Other factors that shouldn’t be taken for granted include the condition of the tires on your vehicle, the lifetime of your car battery, and the drive belt. If you’re not savvy with vehicle maintenance, it’s a good idea to get an inspection before setting out to drive long distances.


Though other logistics may seem to be more immediately important — factors like where you’re going, what kind of transportation you’ll use, where you’ll sleep and eat — staying productive in your ever-changing surroundings may be the greatest challenge of all. If you’re visiting a variety of places, it’s a good idea to spend more than a few days in each location. Some traveling entrepreneurs recommend staying at least a month. This gives you time to enjoy the sights and experiences without feeling rushed, allowing you to get some work done when you’re not out exploring.

If you’re visiting a city, take advantage of coworking spaces. Working from cafes and hotel bars can be distracting, especially in touristy locations. However, coworking spaces are designed to help you focus. You’ll also have a better chance of meeting other like-minded travelers and marketers, which is useful for networking, finding new opportunities, and motivating you to get your work done.

A Physical Address

Though you may be on the move, you’ll still need a physical address in order to set up accounts with banks, bill providers, and employers. If you aren’t traveling long-term, this could be your own home or apartment, or it could be a parent or other family member’s address. Though many services you’ll subscribe to offer digital statements, it’s likely you’ll still receive mail while you’re away. The United States Postal Service offers an option to hold your mail for up to 30 days, or you could subscribe to their premium forwarding service to temporarily forward your mail wherever you are. Just remember to update your forwarding address each time you move.

Due to the growing digital markets, now more than ever, people have the opportunity to work remotely and enjoy the freedom to explore the world. By following considering these key factors, you stand the best chance at being successful and living a fulfilling life as a traveling digital marketer.

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