Wise with Wealth: The Best Banking Apps Available on the Market

Smartphones and mobile devices have altered the way that people do their banking. People are now using online banking apps, which give them access to services that were previously only available at bank branches. The most successful banking apps give people the ability to bank on their own time. With that being said, here is a look at the best banking apps currently on the market.


Ally is a branchless bank that is only accessible on the internet or by using the mobile banking software. Ally has built their success on trying to do right, talk straight, and being better. As a branch-less bank, Ally is able to successfully serve both the online and mobile markets. With Ally’s eCheck Deposit feature, you can deposit your checks by taking a picture using your phone. You are also able to set up direct deposit and manage transfers between different Ally accounts.


Using Chase mobile banking software, you can handle all of your banking needs using your phone. This will save you the potential hassle of going to a physical branch to do your banking business. Chase Online Bill Pay allows you to schedule your payments according to your needs. Chase online members can set up their accounts to the app and make credit card payments to their Chase credit card. Chase also provides users with customized alerts regarding the status of their account. Chase has a Secure Socket Layer that protects your username, password, and account information.

Capital One

The Capital One banking app has a “Pay a Bill” feature that allows you to manage your bill payments using the Capital One app. You can keep track of your payments through payment posting scheduling. Capital One uses Sureswipe, a function that helps you sign into your mobile account without having to enter all of your information.


Simple offers users multiple budgeting features. By partnering with STARsf, Simple provides ATM access without any withdrawal fees. Simple allows you to set saving goals. Money will be deducted according to your customization to help you save for that goal. You can transfer money between separate Simple accounts as well. Customer support is always available via the app, phone, or web.

Wells Fargo

Text banking from Wells Fargo lets users text commands to receive information about their account. All of your banking is kept secure through Wells Fargo labeling your account with a nickname that you choose instead of your actual account number.

If you’re looking for a good way to manage your finances, contact a bank like Home State Bank for information. Today’s focus on smartphones makes it easier than ever to keep your money under your control.

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